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Defense Nutrition®, LLC / Warrior Diet®, LLC
18750 Oxnard St. #408
Tarzana, CA USA 91356

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"Warrior Diet supplements, the Essentials, Bars and Whey, are the only ones I trust. I know they work, I know they're clean, and nothing comes close to the taste. I feel so strongly about the products I have put my family on them." - Marc

"I've been in the supplement industry for years and have access to hundreds of brands, but I'll keep coming back for Warrior Whey™ because of the unparalleled quality and taste. " - Geof Else

"The one-of-a-kind Defense Nutrition® peanut butter flavor is absolutely, unbelievably delicious! I now feel like I'm cheating every time I drink it, but it's actually incredibly healthy. " - Adrian